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I’m Maddy, a recent graduate and new resident of London. As part of my New Year’s resolution I decided that this year I need a hobby. My deep admiration for floral soft furnishings has often been a point of comedy for some of my less crafty friends (‘friends’ who deliberately say ‘Catty Kathson’ to attempt to wind me up). So why not just go one step further and have a go at making some of them?

As a complete novice I thought it would be a good idea to embarrass myself online by documenting my feeble attempts. At the same time this blog is a good opportunity to show others some of the great sewing projects out there to try and maybe some even kinder readers could share some of their crafty projects with me.  So read on to hear about some of the projects I’ve been working on and find reviews of projects in books and online.

Wish me luck!

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