Amigurumi and me

Posted on January 2nd, 2012 by Maddy - No Comments

The week before Christmas, I received an awesomely exciting delivery at work. What made this parcel even more exciting was the fact that it actually was from Santa. It even said this on the box, albeit with a Leeds post code written next to it. My friends at work immediately started guessing what it could be and one seriously misguided one thought it might hold shoes, pah.

Amigurumi setIt was in fact my very own Amigurumi making set including: stuffing, wool, an array of crochet hooks, an Amigurumi book and most exciting of all jiggly eyes.

The best part of this gift was the way that each part had been individually wrapped in tissue paper. This meant that I could greedily unwrap each piece, which literally made me giggle all the way through to the last gift.

Some may say this came from my good friend Rose as part of a Secret Santa we set up on Others may choose to believe that this came from Saint Nick himself.

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