Project 20: Flower ring

Posted on November 12th, 2011 by Maddy - No Comments

These flower rings are a really easy quick project to do. What I like about them is that by wrapping the yarn around a bangle it keeps a really nice shape. I find it hard sometimes for my crochet to look neat, and this definitely helps.

I discovered this pattern from Molllie Makes issue 4, but you can also read it on Lola Nova’s blog, which is a lovely blog.

Whilst making this some people were a bit bemused as to its purpose, some assumed it was still going to be used as a bracelet and not a wall hanging.

So far my attic flat has left me in a position of not having enough straight walls to stick these up, but they were a really lovely project to do.

Now I’ve used all the bangles I own, so I will need to purchase more if I want to have a third one to complete the set. And some more to wear I guess.

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